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We specialize in websites that sell! It's not a Super website design if it doesn't look great, can't draw in traffic from the search engines and it can't sell for you?

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We specialize in Pinnacle Cart and CreLoaded custom designed ecommerce websites that look great, convert and rank well in the search engines.

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You have a great site, now what? You market it with Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Shopping Engines, Social Media and Conversion Analysis.

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Web Designs That Stand Out Web Designs for Toronto, Kitchener Waterloo

Much like the clothes you wear or the condition of your retail shop, your website will be judged by your visitors. If your site looks outdated, has poor graphics, text with errors, links that don't work or display issues this sends a very strong and clear message to your visitors and potential clients that you don't value your website. They will assume negative things about your business and simply leave. Having a modern website that stays up to date with the latest technology and graphics is crucial to a successful website - just like you don't wear your 70's disco clothes, your website can't wear old graphics and use old coding.

We will help ensure your website is:

  • Modern
  • Coded with the latest coding available
  • Viewable on smart phones
  • Is easy to navigate
  • Visually communicates what you do or offer
  • Is built from the ground up with the search engines in mind
  • Is built to hold visitors and convert visitors

Why Choose Us as Your Web Designer?What Sets Us Apart

Just as there are many websites out there, there are many web design companies in Toronto and Kitchener Waterloo and Cambridge, Ontario, so how do you know which company is the best fit for you? Why are we different from the next company down the list? There are several reasons why you should consider choosing us:

  • We aren't just a web design company, we are marketing company. You don't just need a great website and great graphics, you need a great marketing tool that can work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You need calls to action, stickiness and a website that converts. We bring all of this to the table and more.
  • Websites Built from the ground up to perform in the search engines. This is where many other web design companies in Toronto, Kitchener Waterloo and Cambridge, Ontario fall short. We have been putting websites to the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo for almost a decade now and we build our websites from the ground up for the search engines and to be completely search engine friendly.
  • We specialize in helping small businesses. We have the experience to help small businesses compete with the big guys. We can help you develop an entire online strategy, build a professional website, rank with the the top sites in the search engines and do it all for an affordable rate that small businesses can afford.
  • We are honest and ethical with our work, our pricing and our business. We have hundreds of happy, long-term customers who can attest to our great quality of work, fair pricing and honest business practices. As well all our work is done in house here in Toronto, Canada. A common trick among North American web design companies is to charge you high North American rates and then outsource your work overseas where they pay a fraction of the cost and you suffer with sloppy, poor quality work and more than likely delays.
  • We won't just build your website and abandon you. Many web design companies will build your website and then prefer to move on to the next project and not deal with updates, maintenance and problems you may experience. We are here for our clients not just during the build of your website but also through your maintenance needs, growth needs and everyday internet based questions.


Don't Take Our Word For it . . . .

"Thanks for always taking the time to really understand the needs of my company and for all your support with every facet of my business.".

Louise Maxwell, SoulfulEncounters.com

"Looks like we are doing great. We just had our best month in December of internet sales."

Julie Davis, Probemaster.com

See What Our Client's Say

"It looks so AWESOMEEEE..thank you so much!"

Andrea Richelhoff, EnrichedImage.com

"The site looks great.. I have had several good comments on my new website. Thanks."

April Martin, GoLakeHartwell.com

Don't Take Our Word For It, Take a Look at Our Work!